Do you finally want to book in your tattoo? Well you’ve come to the right place! Whether you’ve already chosen the exact design you’d like or you have an idea but need this transformed into a beautiful tattoo design, our tattoo artist Grace can create you the perfect tattoo for you!

If you already know what size tattoo you would like then please book using our online booking system. However if you are unsure then please contact us with your ideas so we guide you on what booking will be most suitable for your tattoo design.

Please note after discussing your design idea, we will advise which session is most appropriate for your design size and level of details, then we can alter timings and prices for you.


Fine Line Tattoo up to 5cm – ‘Tiny Tattoo’ 

This ‘Tiny Tattoo’ session includes:

• 1 Tattoo up to 3cm in size


• 2 Tattoos up to 2cm in size each

Treatment Price: £80


Fine Line Tattoo – Up to 10cm

By booking this option you are able to have:

• 1 Tattoo up to 10cm in size


• 2 Tattoos up to 5cm in size each

Treatment Price: £100


Fine Line Tattoo – Up to 15cm

By booking this option you are able to have:

• 1 Tattoo up to 15cm in size


• 2 Tattoos up to 8cm in size each

Treatment Price: £200


Fine Line Tattoo – Up to 20cm

• 1 Tattoo up to 20cm in size


• 2 Tattoos up to 10cm in size each

Treatment Price: £300


Fine Line Tattoo – Bigger than 20cm

If you are wanting a tattoo bigger than 20 cm, please book this option, and we will contact you to discuss designs, timings and provide a quotation for what you’re looking for. 

Treatment Price: £400+




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*Tattoos over £150


Up to 5cm – ‘Tiny Tattoo’

Pet’s Ears

Up to 10cm

Birth Flowers

Up to 15cm 

Feminine Energy

Up to 20cm

Thigh Botanicals

Bigger than 20cm

frequently asked questions

Unlike traditional tattoos, fine-line tattoos are created by just a single tattoo needle to leave you with super-fine lines and minimalist designs, giving you a beautiful, delicate tattoo. You won’t see a lot of shading or bright colours but instead a lot of simple, linear designs and intricate details. 

Your tattoo will be created for you so it will be completely bespoke to you. You can send a photo of tattoos that inspire you, you can send a photograph (E.g. of an image or handwriting ect) in which we can turn into a stencil or we can create a custom sketch tattoo for you. 

Please read this important information to prepare for your appointment, it’s vital you follow this to ensure you’re safe to proceed and you achieve the best, long lasting results possible.

  1. Avoid caffeine and alcohol for 48 hours before your Tattoo.
  2. Ensure you are not sunburnt in the area you will be tattooed as we will refuse treatment. 
  3. Please bring a form of photographic identification to your appointment so that we could take a photo of this for your records to prove you are over 18. This is a legal requirement when tattooing.

Yes, we will go through any medical conditions you may have or any medications in which you may take prior to your tattoo to ensure you are safe to proceed. Please ensure you make us aware of any medical conditions which affect you.

Yes, you must be 18 years or older with valid photo ID in which you must bring with you to your appointment.

To ensure your tattoo heals well it is vital that you follow this aftercare.

    1. Keep the dressing on in which we will apply after your tattoo for a minimum of 2 hours to maximum 4 hours.
    2. When removing the dressing ensure you wash your hands with antibacterial soap & water. Wash the tattoo with warm soapy water removing all the residual ink & bodily fluids etc then carefully pat dry.
    3. With clean hands massage a very thin layer of tattoo ointment, which we will give you, into the tattoo area covering the tattoo. Aftercare ointment should be massaged into the tattoo 3 times per day. If your tattoo is drying out increase the amount of times you apply the cream. The key is little but often!
    4. Don’t pick or scratch the tattoo, tattoos get itchy this is normal whilst healing.
    5. Don’t use sunbeds or have any immediate holiday plans as UV light and sun exposure will damage the pigment in your skin, resulting in poor healed results. Avoid this for 2 weeks.
    6. Don’t soak the tattoo in swimming pools, saunas or chemicals & steam this will also damage the pigment. Avoid for at least 2 weeks. Showering is recommended.
    7. We recommend for the first 3-5 nights that you wrap your tattoo with cling film overnight, apply this as late as possible just before you go to bed. Wash your tattoo with warm soapy water, dry the area and apply a thin layer of ointment then wrap it. As soon as you wake up remove the cling film, wash your tattoo with warm soapy water, pat dry and then apply a thin layer of ointment and leave your tattoo uncovered where possible and maintain a constant application of tattoo ointment at all times.

Yes, microblading is a very safe treatment to undergo. Our Aesthetician is experienced as well as qualified to the highest level, having achieved a Level 4 in Microblading. Omorfia premises has been inspected and awarded a licence to practice by the local authorities. Client safety is priority at all times, giving our customers confidence when undergoing treatments of any kind.

Please refrain from using any form of numbing cream when getting your tattoo as this can affect the tattooing process.

Touch-ups aren’t always necessary, but it’s something to consider when getting fine-line tattoos. If you notice any areas of your tattoo needing a top up, please let us know within 8-10 weeks of your initial tattooing appointment.